Studio Esmé
Studio Esmé
"Make it extremely squalid and moving."

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory


April 4-5th, 2017


The Show Must Go On(line)!


"Here at Brooklyn Free School we integrate anti-oppression work as much as we can as a community. As we began to read the play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we found several specific challenges. The heightism, misogyny, capitalism and race based problems in the play carried blatant bias towards corporate power, patriarchy, and racial dominance. Acting out such harm, rather than acting against it, was a problem for us and we asked ourselves, “How do we knowingly support this performance?”

Our community mindfully transformed this work. As a result, we adapted the script and what was harmful is now liberated on the stage. We addressed some aspects of the play, unable to change everything we acknowledge that there are still some undertones. Nonetheless, our children are simply magical. Get comfortable listen, watch, learn and enjoy!"


Go Behind the Scenes


With little more than 24 hours to set up and get acquainted with the historic theater at the Brooklyn Music School, it was all hands on deck to create the finishing touches that made the show a success.

Experience what it was like to be a part of the cast and crew of  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on opening night, inside the dressing rooms, and during their first rehearsal on stage.


In Photos



Support the Filmmakers


The videos for the BFS production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are part of our ongoing filming of "Free School", an independent documentary about the Brooklyn Free School. Because much of this footage will likely not make it into our final film and we knew the play was such a special event, we wanted to share as much of the experience as possible with the entire community.  Any donation that you would like to make as a gesture of support will go towards funding the editing and finishing costs of "Free School". Either way, we hope you've enjoyed this experience!

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