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A studio for cinematic non-fiction inspired by the extraordinary ways of seeing everyday life. 



"Free School"


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"Free School" (In Production)

“Free School” is a documentary film project that will tell the story of Brooklyn Free School (BFS), a highly diverse K-12 "democratic school," in the year that Donald Trump became President of the United States.

This will not be a politically-charged film, but a deeply human one. Since October 2016, we’ve been documenting the everyday lives, unique experiences, and imaginative worlds of BFS students within the space of the school and across all groups (ages 6 to 18). Beyond depicting a microcosm of liberal America, we hope to paint a universal coming-of-age portrait of youth juxtaposed against the unconventional, tense, and at times surreal, backdrop of larger society in 2017.

In this way, “Free School” aims to be an emotionally rich time capsule for a potential turning point in American democracy, self-directed education, and the lives of BFS students. Amidst the natural chaos of freedom, what will students truly learn amongst those different from them?

Watch a visual sample of "Free School"


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